Hey, I’m Bethany.

I live in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.DSC02061

I’m about Jesus. Whatever He does, says, loves, goes.

I’m about People. Grace. Second chances. & Honest conversation.

I’m also about Coffee. My dog. Ukuleles. Maps. Roller Coasters. & Sub-Woofers.
I’m not about math, swimming, olives, airports, or crafts.
I’m enamored by stars, orchestras, mountains & cathedrals.

I believe Elohim created everything. That is, Father, Son & Holy Spirit.
In their image. For their glory. Out of pure unfathomably unfailing Love.

I believe in Jesus Christ. The One with the dust of this earth between His toes, & with beloved names etched onto the palm of His hands, right next to the nail scars. The One who is sitting at the Father’s right hand making endless intercession on my behalf. I believe in the stone rolled away, in the Body being raised, & others following soon.

I believe in a staggering offer of grace. One you have to taste to believe.

I believe forgiveness comes at the cost of God’s Son being murdered.
I believe I am favored, blessed, adopted, & clothed in the perfect righteousness of Jesus.
I believe in a Father that sees me & smiles; beaming with pride & affection over His daughter.
I believe the only hope in this universe is clinging to the feet of Jesus, who is alive & reigning.

I also believe there is more than believing. There is living what I believe.

Hence, this blog.


E-mail Me: bpyles@southamericamission.org

Tweet Me: @SoyBetania

Get updates:  http://eepurl.com/v_ssb


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