A Shark Tooth, Dreads & Stories


If you haven’t encountered a story lately, let me urge you to go find one.

I’ve learned that one of the most profound ways to get to know someone is to ask, “hey, I want to hear your story, Can we meet up this week?”
I’ve yet to be rejected from that offer. Why? Because everyone has a story and everyone knows that their story is worth telling and being heard.

This week I got to sit down with two different young people after extending that very offer. I sat and listened as they told me who they were, how God has invaded their lives, their pains, their joys, their passions. And when they were done, I asked them more questions.

10001410_10152007135368017_1297237047_nIt’s not necessarily the stories that are the goal. It takes genuine listening, interest, and concern for the relationship to go further than just the story.
When was the last time someone sat with you and listened? Had interest in the seemingly trivial in your life?
I’ve learned that being that person is refreshing for me and for the other.

This weekend I was sitting in the plaza when a guy with dreads dressed like a gypsy selling jewelry approached me and asked if I could break some money for him. I helped him out and he left. Shortly after he returned and thanked me. He offered in return to give me one of his handicrafts or a story! I thought for a bit, and spotted a giant shark tooth around his neck. I chose the story.

And I learned about more than just megaladons….The gift of a handicraft would have faded, torn, or been lost eventually. But the story remains. His life experience being shared was far more intriguing than a bracelet. And I’ve made it my goal to always choose the story over the temporary.

What is my view of evangelism, discipleship, and fellowship? ….Stories.
And why not? We’re all playing a role in the greatest story ever told…
Grace. Redemption. Hope.

Don’t worry you’re a natural at listening to stories already, that’s why you love movies & music : )

So let’s get out there and be people of the Story!


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