Jesus is Turning Around

Mark 5:21
Jesus is on His way to heal, along with his disciples.
A crowd has gathered along the way.
In the midst of the crowd is a lawbreaker.
According to the Mosaic law, she is unclean.
She is meant to be isolated.
Away from all others in society.
This is what is demanded of the law.

She has been bleeding for 12 years.
She “spent all she had” to find healing elsewhere.

She comes behind Jesus
reaches for the hem of his garment
and she encounters glory, in the form of divine healing.

“But, Jesus turned around.”

He wants to find the woman!
Yet, the woman hesitates to reveal herself.
What if Jesus rejects her?
What if there is judgement and condemnation?

How many of us are unwilling to reach for Jesus or return to him because we have convinced ourselves that there will be judgement and condemnation?

But the opposite is true!
Because of his grace and your small measure of faith, God is passionate about revealing his acceptance and approval to you and me!

The best way to “make disciples” is to lead the to the hem of his garment and after they have spent all other hopes, their faith will make them whole.

It only takes one touch
And one Man who turns around.



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