What “Seeking” God Really Means

If you’ve ever spent much time around a Christian you might have heard them say something like this when they describe their schedule:
“I get up in the morning and have coffee & my time with Jesus” or “I have a date with Jesus every morning” or something along the lines of “a quiet time”.
Or maybe every other Instagram is them making sure you see that they love their Bible and their coffee…and probably a journal too.

This has always been something that has rubbed me the wrong way…
Here’s 2 reasons:
1) Uh, thanks for making sure I’m aware you make time for Jesus?
2) Why don’t you talk about your “daily time” with Jesus?

Here’s what I’ve gathered from scripture and the life of Jesus regarding this scheduled/set apart time “with Jesus”…

  • “Seek” in the greek means “to engage”.  To invite God to participate in your mundane moments.
  • Jesus spent time alone with His Father (and so should we). But MUCH more of the time we see Jesus engaging with the Father through the Spirit during the seemingly “trivial” of Jesus’ daily life and those around Him. 
  • “Follow me” indicates action. Jesus invites and interrupts the disciples AT WORK.  We can assume God is active in humanity.
  • “To follow” is to accompany, be an assistant, be by one’s side. It’s about life with God. Eating, laughing, talking, adoring, enjoying God.

The plan we see in Genesis 3:8 is God walking with us.
Therefore, sin robbed us of a daily relationship with God.
Sin did not rob us of a scheduled moment once a day.
It brought a barrier that divided us from a relational God whose plan, even today, is to be your reward…not (just) your devotional time.
Jesus wasn’t tortured & murdered so you could “have a coffee date with Jesus”
His death bought you favor & forgiveness with God.

Why would you set aside your privileges as a Child of the Most High to “seek” him once a day (probably too early)? Maybe the reason you don’t see the supernatural moves of God, is because you don’t ever move with God.

Acts 17:28 ‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’

Let’s EXPAND our time with Jesus to “every day with Jesus”…He’s in the mundane.



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