It’s Not Complicated

Matthew 17:1-8 [The Transfiguration]

We’re all a lot like Peter.
We are led to mountaintops with God.
And we think our role is to do something or say something meaningful.

But God interrupts.
He sends a cloud & His booming voice mid-sentence.
Peter is blinded & quieted by GOD.
(So much for building or talking…)

Moses & Elijah stand beside Jesus, beaming in His eternal glory.
Moses represents the Law.
Elijah represents the Prophets.
And Jesus, greater than both, represents the fulfillment of both!

But why are Peter, James & John there?
For the same reason you & I are where we are.
To Watch
To Listen.
To Witness.

Peter thinks he’s there because he can build stuff.
He thinks he’s there because he can talk.
But God couldn’t be more disinterested in Peter’s talents or abilities in that moment.

God the Father cuts Peter off to say,
“This is my son with whom I LOVE; with him I am well pleased.
LISTEN to him!” v.5

God’s object of obsession is Jesus! God’s fullness.
Stop, & witness what God has given to us in Jesus.
Stop building.
Stop talking so much.
Relish the gift of God in bodily form.
Watch Him. Listen to Him.
You’re not only allowed, but you’re designed to enjoy God!

After falling on their faces, due to God’s audible voice, the disciples lift their eyes.
When they looked up, they saw no one but Jesus.” v.8

No law to fulfill! [Moses]
No prophecies to interpret [Elijah]
Just Jesus.
Just Jesus to love, watch, adore.

Why are you & I alive in 2014?
To build stuff for God?
To tell him all the things you’re able to do?

To love, rest, listen & worship Jesus.
Only Jesus.
It’s not complicated.
Look up. It is finished!



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