When “Giving it to God” Becomes Cliché

DSC01627I was talking with a friend about the idea/meaning behind, “giving it to God” recently.
And it struck me. I was incapable of providing a REAL picture of what that meant.
I was humbled to acknowledge that even the most common of phrases in the church aren’t fully understood without the counsel from Holy Spirit.

What does it LOOK like to give something to God? Lay something at His feet?
Whether it be an illness, stress, anxiety, pain, control, shame, or sin.

This idea generally comes from:
“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” [1 Peter 5:7] and “Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.” [Psalm 55:22]

But I found the practically of these verses elsewhere.

In Mark 3:1 there is a story. 

It’s a brief appearance of Jesus. Crowded by Pharisees. Focused on one man.

Under the surface, it’s a picture of the Gospel. It’s an exchange between man and God.

In v. 3 Jesus asks a man with a crippled hand to “STAND up in front of everyone.”
This command is more than it seems.
In Jewish culture this man’s deformity equaled his sin.
His hand was a physical representation of his spiritual condition.
Crippled. Unfavored. Unclean.

Jesus just asked this man to show his weakness. 

In v. 5 Jesus says to the man, “STRETCH out your hand.”
The man stretched it out, and it was completely restored.

Jesus is asking the man to MOVE his sin TOWARDS him.
No prayers. No reciting verses. No explanation of what is transpiring.
Just faith.
One move.
Most likely with hesitation, doubt or reluctancy from a man now in the center of a group of Pharisees.
Yet, with faith nonetheless.
[Hebrews 11:6 “it is impossible to please God without faith.”]

Then, from Jesus came Restoration. Healing. Cleansing. Awe.

I can’t follow all the rules.
I can move towards Jesus with my weakness.
I can stretch out my hand without all the answers, and trust.
And I can have favor and righteousness before God because of One Man who stood in the synagogue asking the unclean to move closer.

We can pretend that this process looks victoriously like, “I laid it at His feet” or “I’m just going to give it to God”
We can deceive ourselves and others into believing that this is Easy. Comfortable. Without risk. Quick and Painless.

or we can admit it’s actually more like…

I stop hiding. I stretch out my messed up mind & heart towards Jesus.
All while Wincing. Confused. Waiting. Ashamed. Reluctant. Unsure. Scared. Apprehensive.
On my face.

Out of options.
Hoping on Someone greater.
Faithfully moving  my junk towards the One who restores. 


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