DSC01244It’s hard to believe that it’s October already. I arrived in Costa Rica Sep. 5th and the time in between has been full of new adjustments and experiences. I’m currently living in San Francisco de Dos Rios near San José. The Institute is only about 2 blocks from my host family’s home where I am living. My day at the Institute consists of 3 classes, Lenguaje (language), Fonética (phonetics) and Gramática (grammar) 5 days a week.

Most days I find it hard to come home and not immediately fall asleep or let my brain do something mindless. However, we have volleyball in the gym and women’s groups that I attend during the week along with church on the weekends. I’ve also been blessed to have made friends with some of the other single women here. They are great to go exploring with after classes or on the weekends when we have some free time. I’ve found that discovering new sights and sounds around Costa Rica has enabled me to practice everything we are being taught in the classroom. It also helps that I am living with a host family that speaks no English. So, when I come home I eat lunch and dinner with them and get to practice my Spanish immediately after leaving the classroom (although that can prove to be easier said than done at the end of a long day).  Thus far, I’ve been to La Paz to see waterfall gardens and a coffee plantation. Last weekend I traveled to Manuel Antonio and saw the ocean for the 1st time! These have been highlights among the small adventures I have everyday in Costa Rica 🙂


Forgive me as I transition back into blogging my thoughts and experiences. It’s hard to adjust and debrief things that have been happening. Bear with me as I learn to think clearly and thoughtfully about my new life abroad.
Continue to pray for energy and the ability to comprehend Spanish well as I absorb countless new things everyday. Thanks for all of your love and support!



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