All that stands between me and the field  is ~$500 of monthly support!  Thank you to all who have jumped onboard and been radical with your giving! I can’t wait to see and share all of the great things God has been preparing in advance for us to be a part of in Bolivia!

Here’s what’s next:

-I am hoping to leave for language school in San José, Costa Rica the end of THIS month.
-I will be in language school from the end of Aug-Dec. Then in Bolivia in Jan.

**Without 100% of my monthly support raised I cannot attend language school.
Communication is vital to the health of my ministry (working with college students) in Santa Cruz. The school is designed for missionaries and a great way for me to experience aspects of culture shock without beginning my ministry. I will also be living with a Costa Rican family in hopes of speeding up the language learning process. I am thrilled to have been accepted and given the opportunity to attend!

If you are interested in partnering with me monthly contact me and/or click “How to Partner” on the left side menu!

Gracias! Dios les bendiga,


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