July Updates!

970064_10200257407745716_1589329688_nMuch has happened in the last months. I can sense the Holy Spirit moving in all that is developing & I’m excited to share new pieces of this journey & unpack recent events!

I just returned from a two week long Candidate Orientation (see pic) with South America Mission in Fort Mill, SC. My days were spent with 20+ other missionary candidates from across the nation. Together we worshiped, prayed & sought wisdom as we focused our attention on the details of our service in various South American countries. Through in-depth sessions, interviews & psychological evaluations I was able to better understand the vision of South America Mission & how I fit into it. At the end of the two weeks I was officially appointed as a South America Mission missionary & affirmed to serve in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Moreover, my assignment was narrowed to begin a partnership between SAM & existing campus ministry in Santa Cruz! I am honored to be pioneering this partnership & humbled by the thought of what could come years from now because of it.

Now, I am working on completing an online certificate with Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and preparing to move to San José, Costa Rica to start language school at the end of August.

Language school will be vital to the health of my ministry in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Relationships develop with communication and trust, and I must have language to achieve both. So, I am planning to be enrolled at The Spanish Language Institute August through December, then leave for Santa Cruz in January 2014!
This school is specifically designed to cater to the needs of missionaries and will allow me to live with a Costa Rican family while I’m there.

God is moving through this ministry and I would love your support in prayer! I’m still looking to partner with individuals, churches, or small groups to donate monthly to my ministry also! Please consider what God is doing and how you can be a part. Send me a message if you’d like more info! Also, check the links on the LEFT side bar to see how you can give!



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