DSC00004May is almost over, and I want to let you know what is to come and what has happened!

1. Pending visa paperwork has been received! (Still a little more to go)
2. 100% of my outgoing costs have been supported!
3. I have 53% of my monthly support!

These are truly amazing updates and I am overjoyed to share them with you! I’ve been doing a lot of dancing…

What’s to come:

1. I need to raise 47% more monthly support then I can leave!
2. I am training at the SAM office in SC June 14-28 to complete Candiate Orientation and become officially appointed. 

Until I raise all of the monthly support I need, all donations will now break down to cover monthly costs. In other words, I will still accept one-time donations. But, what I really need now is for people to rise up and commit to supporting me monthly (in any amount possible!). No amount is too small or insignificant.

I am so close to being able to be on the field! I am so grateful for all of your prayers and support. Please continue to pray as I pursue huge goals and ask God for big things!

If you are interested in joining my team and being a part of my ministry email me:

or check out the links on the side of this page to see “how to partner”

If you aren’t on my email list you aren’t getting important updates in real time! All you have to do is click the link below & put your email in a box…takes 3 seconds. Get connected!


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