Email List.

DSC00402If you (or some one you know) would like to receive my important updates/prayer requests then follow the link below. Just enter your email and name.


  • This is separate than the blog
  • It is an effective way to gather my supporter’s contact info
  • You will not be spammed with frequent updates
  • These emails will go out once every couple of months (or less)
  • It will contain short and compressed information on important topics

Check back/subscribe to this blog if you are interested in more frequent updates, details, pictures & videos.

This email list is meant to reach mass amounts of supporters so that everyone is on the same page. It might include how to pray specifically about the most important issues, know what I’ve been doing, address various needs or hear about future goals. It will also be a way for me to stay in contact when I don’t have the time to write more detailed posts or if an urgent need is presented.

Thanks for your support! I appreciate you!

**Click and ENTER your Email: HERE! **



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