Praying Specifically.

Here are some ways you can pray for me specifically during this time:

  • For encouragement and/or affirmation
  • Financial Support (Monthly and Outgoing)
  • I can soak up the language and increase my understanding of the culture
  • God would make scripture and His truths increasingly clear to me
  • I would loosen my cultural filters and see others and God’s word as they were meant to be seen and understood
  • That God would speak to me in a direct and unmistakable way
  • I would become more passionate and prone to seek Him everyday
  • The staff teaching us and preparing us (energy, patience, wisdom)
  • The other missionaries training to leave soon for cross-cultural work

The staff is also urging us to engrave these concepts on our hearts and minds during our time here. Pray that these become applicable and that I become responsive. Pray also that I take these things to the field as I prepare to live cross-culturally:

  1. Assume goodwill
  2. Tolerate ambiguity
  3. Think gray (or think long)
  4. Suspend judgement
  5. And “go toward” the things that are uncomfortable/challenging

Thank you for all of your prayers and for glorifying the Lord by lifting up the things he cherishes and desires to see flourish.




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