Inter-Cultural Training

4642260602_8328d7246dThis week I arrived in North Carolina for Inter-Cultural Communication (ICC) training through Wycliffe at the JAARS Center. I moved into my apartment and started classes on Thursday. I’ve already had the privilege to learn from amazing staff and meet other missionaries being sent all around the world. My apartment is right next to the JAARS airplane hangar where pilots are being trained for their missions as well. I expect to be challenged and learn incredible things from a diverse and passionate staff and be encouraged by those around me!

In short, I will be covering a multitude of various cross-cultural topics such as:

-Crisis Contingency525273_10152597479770332_514078071_n
-Culture Stress
-Cultural Hospitality
-Moral Purity
-Spiritual Vitality
-Interpersonal Skills
-Language & Culture Acquisition
-Health Preventative Issues
-Participant Observation
-World Views

Along with:

-Native Speakers for language training
-Studying Ephesians/Philippians
-Reading “Cross-Cultural Servanthood” by Duane Elmer
and so much more…

Throughout the course I will be evaluated by staff and assessed on my progress through my training until graduation.

Pray that I clearly hear from God during this time and humble myself to His ways and Word. Prayers for health (emotional/mental/physical/spiritual) are greatly appreciated. Pray also for the staff that is here leading so many of us into unknown and ambiguous futures cross-culturally.

If you have supported me financially in any way, thank you!! I would not be here if it was not for the financial support of some of you. I am beyond grateful for your willingness to give!

If you would like to give financially and support my ministry OR know some one who would, you can E-mail me at :
(I also have a mailing address at JAARS if you are interested)

Soon, I will begin posting videos of some information and tracking my progress through this time. Stay in touch and check back soon!

For His glory,


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