My Classy Reality Show

dsc00132.jpgI could write a super suspenseful paragraph leading up to a mysterious and extraordinary announcement here, however, I’m more of a “get to the point” type of person…

I’m moving to Bolivia.

Ya know, South America.

Find a map. See if you can locate it. It’ll be fun.

I am working with an organization called, South America Mission. I interned with them back in 2011 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. I loved it and I’m back for more! This time, I’ll be gone for 2 (consecutive) years living in Santa Cruz. I will be leaving in July 2013.

Until then, I am:

  • Working on my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification.
  • Raising monthly & one-time financial support and prayer commitments.
  • Receiving ICC (Inter-Cultural Communication) training though Wycliffe [Jan-Feb]

Subscribe/follow this blog. Go to the “Home” page and just click that “Sign Me Up” button (confetti may or may not fall, depending on the speed of your Internet connection). I will be posting all the juicy insights of my missionary life on this blog. Prepare for pictures galore, videos and my incredible writing ability! This an effortless way for you to stay informed and participate in all the craziness of my present and future endeavors. You’re welcome.

Just think of this as a classy reality show.

10 Ways You Can Support Me (use your gifts):

  1. Paint me a picture (I’ll also accept anything with crayon).
  2. Compose me a song.
  3. Write me a poem (with a lot of sarcasm).
  4. Design a shirt.
  5. Baked goods (baklava will work).
  6. Make my life into a documentary.
  7. Begin my biography (not too long or I won’t read it).
  8. Immortalize me in a comic.
  9. Pray for me.
  10. Give financially ($). Do it online Here

You decide. 

Leave a comment. OR. Shoot me a message & I’ll tell you where to send your supportive handicrafts:

Twitter: @soybetania /E-Mail: /Facebook



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